Classic Characters and Their Living Spaces

People have long been inspired by the lives their favorite fictional characters lead. From the clothing they wear to their personal interests, the women and men of literature and screen can be extremely inspiring, especially to young women seeking inspiration. What can be a better outlet for that inspiration than the furniture and accessories a woman uses to decorate her living spaces?

There are several fiction icons that have long inspired women’s choices in home décor over the years. Whether the details were mentioned in a book or witnessed in a movie, a decorator doesn’t have to be a big fan of one of these characters to take inspiration from their design choices. In fact, everyone can spice their living spaces up with a few things they see depicted in fiction.

Holly Golightly

The iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s character played so brilliantly by Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 movie was messy and mostly empty. But Holly’s bedroom reveals some unique pieces, including a black iron scroll bedframe that looks both feminine and timeless. Perhaps the most memorable piece in her apartment, however, is the claw foot bathtub couch that would be an eye catcher in any home. This post walks you through the steps of making your own bathtub sofa that uses an old claw foot tub.

Amélié Poulain

Audiences fell in love with Amélié’s depiction of the Parisian lifestyle and the main character’s idealistic view of life. The action begins in her apartment, when she discovers a box hidden behind a tile. To capture that classy Parisian look, you could start with prints from artist Michael Sowa, seen above the bed in Amélié’s apartment. The rich reds that give Amélié’s apartment such a unique look can be recreated with some of the historic-looking patterned wallpapers on the market today.

Cher Horowitz

The main character in Clueless needed to be a fashion icon, from her “Dress Me” software to her clothing-strewn bedroom. Cher is one of few teenagers to have a fireplace in her own bedroom, along with shelves for her shoe collection, a mannequin for trying on clothes, and pink striped wallpaper. Cher’s décor combines girly pinks and antique gold-framed mirrors and lampshades

Andie Walsh

Pretty in Pink was an iconic movie when it was released in the 80s thanks to star Molly Ringwald, who was already a trendsetter to teens. As Andie Walsh, Molly had a room that matches today’s shabby chic trend, combining lace, pink wallpaper, and furniture that looked like it had been around since the 60s. Most homes no longer have a need for the pink princess phone that was such a large part of the movie, but many of the other room features translate to today’s styles. Piet Mondrian appears to be one of Andie’s favorite artists, since his artwork hangs throughout her room.

No matter who your favorite fictional character is, you can likely get a great deal of inspiration from his or her living spaces. Whether on screen or in a book, each item is usually carefully chosen to make a specific statement about the character. If you like the character, you’ll likely enjoy the character’s decorating tastes, as well.